Many years ago a Government Minster at the time said that in Nurseries, "There is a lot of happiness and painting but not much learning."  We disagree!  Our children learn across the Curriculum and so much more about themselves as a learner when they paint at nursery.  They take turns, talk about what they are doing and manipulate small and large tools.  They make choices to shake powder paint from a sugar shaker, use water colour sets or ready mixed paint depending on what they are doing.  They explore how the texture of paint feels.  They choose a large, small, circular, triangular or a square piece of paper and decide if they will cover the whole piece of paper or just one part.  They learn how to change the powder paint by adding a touch of water or a lot.  Will they make marks with a brush, sponge or roller?  So many choices to make!

Pop along with your child to our Stay and Play every Thursday between 9:30am - 10:30am to explore with your child.